Black leather half mask with Swarovski crystals

This mask is finished on the inside can be worn or displayed on your wall or mask stand as artwork.

This mask was cut, hand sculpted to fit the contours of your face and sit comfortably on your nose, hand dyed and coated with a acrylic coat and assembled in our studio.

All of our masks are carefully done on the back with black eco friendly dye and sealed.

For masks without the crystals or in other colours please contact me.

One of our questions we always get at the booth is: what can you do with a mask? Well, to those that are collectors of historical (tribal masks, warrior masks, theatric masks) and artists made masks (from Venice, Cirque Du Soleil, local artists etc) we know that the first thing that comes to mind is to display them as 3d pieces of art! Other uses include performers (actors & actresses, street performers, dancers, stilt walkers etc), photo-shoots, costumes (comic cons, cos play, Halloween, masquerades etc) and festivals (burning man, Shambhala, Mardi Gras etc).

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