Filigree Leather Masquerade Mask Hand Dyed

Filigree Leather Masquerade Mask Hand Dyed

• Story: We were inspired by Slavic ornamentation and filigree when creating this mask. This mask is great for those that want to wear something light weight that really shows the eye area. It's great for elaborately done makeup with false eyelashes. It is hand dyed and hand sculpted in the nose area for comfort and visual contouring.
• Size: 
• Leather: Vegetable Tan
• Colouring: Water-Dye
• Timeline to create: 8-10 business days. Please get in contact with us for rush orders (available on some items). If the item is in stock we can ship on short notice!
• Shipping: Shipping includes a tracking number: This is a very large leather mask that requires special shipping.
• Additional Info: This mask can be ordered in other colours. Red, blue, green, brown, purple are all the same price. 
• Gold and Silver must be hand painted with several coats allowing several hours of drying time between each so they are $88. 
• Our masks are very comfortable to wear and are often purchased by: mask collectors, actors, models and photographers for photo shoots, performers, musicians, masquerade attendees, and festivals goers (ex: burning man). This mask is finished on the inside can be worn or displayed on your wall or mask stand as artwork.

Notes from the studio:

How we make our pieces:
All of the masks we create are meticulously hand sculpted, hand dyed / hand painted and hand finished. Often our masks also feature hand carved highlights as well. Each of our masks is an original design based on our inspirations, which include: fantasy, travelling to ancient ruins, history and mythology. The leather used is an ethically sourced tooling hide that wears nicely over time. All of the leather used to create our masks is vegetable tanned and is a byproduct of the food industry. The dyes used are an environmentally friendly water based dye which leaves a rich hand-finished touch on each mask bringing out the unique highlights, grains, and character of each piece of leather*. A number of our designs also include special stone, crystal, or glass cabochons in custom leather bezels stitched onto the piece. In addition to the cabochons some of our pieces feature hand beaded highlights to create further depth and beauty. Many of the masks also feature hand painting which is done with a variety of acrylic paints specially created for leather applications. All of our masks are hand dyed (black) on the inside and finished with a special non-toxic coating which can be wore directly against the skin and is easy to maintain. We use a variety of different, hand applied, finishes to both protect and emphasize the leathers natural beauty. Finishes may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following depending on the piece: high quality oils, waxes, gums, lacquers and protective coats. 

* Note: all colours will pick up the natural highlights and lowlights found in the leather. While these variations add a beautiful texture and character to each piece it does not give a solid colour like industrially dyed, heavily chemical dyed, leathers. Also each piece of leather, like wood, is different and has its own characteristics. These are not considered flaws.

Made-To-Order and Remakes:
Because we are selling online in 4 different stores and we are doing shows it may take the full 8-10 days for us to ship the item out to you if we have to remake it. Because of this your item will look either almost the same or very close to what you see in the picture. If you need the item sooner please message us to see if the item is in stock.

Photo: Studio E

Model Carra Pischke 


Please view our look book, gallery or Facebook for other masks.
Our look book can be accessed here. 

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