Carved flow with Swarovski crystal cluster leather traveller's or Midori style journal in black and blue

Imagine you are could be exotic over seas destination...a cross country trek...or maybe just heading out to enjoy your home town for the day. This book is the perfect companion.

The leather book case you are currently admiring was hand crafted by Edmonton artist Amy Skrocki (Paragon of Design of Skrocki). The casing for this book was created from top quality leather, hand carved and tooled, hand dyed, and hand bound. It has almost a couture look to it with its filigree cut edge (we make the trim in studio as well) and Swarovski crystal cluster. The design is something I designed myself and has a historical feel to it. 

In the centre of the hand carved image is an incredible, sparkly blue/black Swarovski crystal cluster. I hand painted the blue trim and the leather that is surrounding the crystal cluster is hand painted silver. 

On the inside there are three hand stitched pockets added for any small papers, receipts, business cards etc (please see attached pictures)

This traveller's journal holds standard 8.5 x 11 inch folded paper. That way you can make your own booklets(without cutting them down to standard midori size) when you run out of the paper (I included 3 small booklets so you can get started using your book the moment it arrives) and you can easily fit in standard blank or lined papers of your own etc. 

This traveller's journal holds three booklets, has one large pocket in the front with an added card pocket and a large pocket in the back. 

All cords are high quality elastic. 

The size of this book is 9 1/4 x 6 inches. 

Collections: The Leather Collection

Type: Journal

Vendor: Skrocki Design

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