Your pet as a custom heraldic shield adjustable leather guitar strap.

Based on photographs of your pet we will make a custom shield guitar strap with your beloved pet as the subject! The strap in the photo is based on a client's English bulldog and has been posed into a rampant style, posing with one paw up and one leg lifted, characteristic of many heraldic shields or family crests. Depending on what type of pet you have, cat or dog, we can also add a paw print. For this item we need good pictures of your pets profile with any special marking or characteristics clearly shown.  

For a small additional fee their name or your initials can engraved somewhere on the strap. 

This guitar strap has been stamped, carved, hand dyed, hand painted stained and sealed, and hand buffed to a shine. 

Alternatively, if you wanted part of your own family crest engraved into the shield area that can be done as well. Please contact us for further information :)

This item is fully adjustable from 45" to 58".

This strap is made from thick top quality leather that will last for years! 

Shipping includes a tracking number, delivery confirmation and insurance up to $100.00. Each item comes with a care card and authentication card.

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