Large persian inspired brass statement necklace in blue and black

Sometimes you just have more to say. A stronger message. A bolder look. Something you just need to convey. Sometimes small just isn’t an option. Our collection of Statement Necklaces was designed to help you say more with your image. These are the pieces that command the room. That become the talk of the office or party. These are the head turners. No make that head snappers! We believe that if you’re going to go big you should also go a big way! Each piece of this jaw-dropping collection is made of either pure copper or jewelers brass and finished with sterling silver. We have placed an emphasis on colours, contrasts and unconventional shapes to really make these pieces pop. These are the sort of pieces that don’t just fit in with the status quo. These are the kind of pieces which inspire that new outfit you have been dreaming about. Whether they are the starting point or the final touch we know when you pull it all together...and you will...the result will be nothing short of stunning!

Picture yourself walking across ornate palace tiles. An ancient empire sprawls out before you. The dawn is breaking. In the dancing light the tiles began to glow and shimmer. This is the scene we strove to capture with this captivating statement piece. A design which became a fast favourite among fans everywhere we took it! The rich golden tone of the brass creates a foundation upon which the radiant colours are added. The depth and resilience of the blue and the sheen of the glossy black are breathtaking. This necklace is just the right amount of bold! We meticulously crafted each brass component. Shaping and comfort were top priorities and they are results you can feel! You don't need anywhere to go when you wear this...just go! To the upcoming party. To the office...any day! For that special night out you have been putting off until the conditions were just right.

The length of the metal section is 20 cm and the chain is 17.5 cm, Since the necklace is curved it fits like a standard 18 inch necklace. To make it shorter just clip the clasp further up the chain.

Each metal component, made in our Alberta, Canada, studio, is the product of a rigorous 35-45 step process (around 35 per earring or pendant and between 40 and 45 per ring and cuff link). Starting with plain sheets of metal we design and create our components one at a time. Some of the key steps include preparing the metal and design work, etching the imagery and cutting custom shapes. Shaping is done with a manual hydraulic press (2000 lbs plus per a component) to create stronger, more durable and professionally shaped components. Each piece is finished with a meticulous hand applied coloring process wherein each color is individually applied and often on different days to allow for the lengthy drying process (up to 72 hours). The majority of the other steps revolve around an absurd amount of sanding and cleaning, as well as, adding the finishing touches such as ear hooks, jump rings, soldering etc. Because of this no two items are identical and they have variations between each item.

*This necklace comes with tracking and insurance.

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