FUNDRAISING PIECE "Little Sunshine - The Robin" 8.5 x 11" print.

This is printed on acid-free, archival quality with a mat finish. 

This is a signed and limited print (to 250 copies) of our "Little Sunshine - The Robin" artwork that is found on our handmade items. The size is 8.5 x 11"

This print comes unframed. 

This is part of our fundraising for our docu-series Crafting a Career in the Arts- The Art of Why. 
This also includes a credit in the thank you section at the end of our documentary series which will be available on TELUS OPTIK TV ON DEMAND and YouTube in 2022/2023. Please contact us over what name you would like. 


Thank you so much for considering helping us fund our community focused project about Edmonton artists and the supports available to them in Edmonton! For our project we are looking to help cover the minimum costs (with many volunteer hours from ourselves and participants) to produce season 2 of the series Amy (Skrocki) created and co-produced with Tanner (Wilson-Skrocki)  "Crafting a Career in the Arts." Season 2 will be entitled "Crafting a Career in the Arts: The Art of Why" and will focus on the "why(s)" behind the artwork each of the featured artists creates. 

We are seeking the funding from this project to help cover:

-Production costs such as interview prep, 

-Interviewing and filming  

-Hiring a dedicated sound person to be onsite with us during the interviews. 

At present everything is handled by just the two of us. We are also seeking the funds:

-to help us cover the post-production (editing video/sound/creating trailers, etc) costs.  This can take up to a 12 days for one episode.

For $2000 dollars over the initial asking another episode will  will be created. While we are partially funded, and extremely grateful for it, the funding falls far short of covering the total production costs for the season. 

The time associated with this film project also takes time away from our other work: the art pieces we make! Presently, we sell our work to support ourselves as full time artists and self-funded season one this way as well. For those unfamiliar with us: Amy is the principle artist in the creation of our work. She creates almost all of the original artwork, illustrations and images along with designing custom patterns for our leatherwork. Tanner is Amy's husband and works closely with Amy to help bring her ideas and visions to life. Due to Amy's invisible disability she is unable to physically create many pieces or the volume of pieces required to keep our booth and online shops stocked so Tanner, whom she apprenticed, takes on the craftsperson role (in addition to husband, father to our daughter, caretaker, salesperson, vendor, customer service, etc) to help Amy create the majority of the pieces. 

In season one we interviewed invisibly disabled artists (including Amy) who have found personal and local support in the community making it possible to create and sell their work. We also spoke with community supporters who help artists regardless of whether they are able-bodied, their skill level, education level etc. with the hope it will inspire change in some of the less accessible places that share artwork in the city and Western Canada.

This kickstarter will help us continue on from where we left off with season 1 of our docu-series. The main focus of the series is Edmonton artists/creatives who make their work to help with a disability (as is the case with Amy) or mental health, and/or to form a connection with the Edmonton Community and beyond. Like season 1 before it (out on November 15th 2022) the completed season will be broadcast via TELUS OPTIK TV ON DEMAND for free, as well as, on TELUS' YouTube channel so it is accessible to everyone.

What Season 2 is about:

In season 2 we are focusing on: 1) sharing the stories of artists who make their work to help them with mental health or physical/invisible disabilities, and/or make art to connect with the community. 2) The spaces/businesses/buildings that are available to Edmontonians, especially creatives, where they can create, share or explore artwork. We are very passionate about this project and we have a great lineup of diverse, talented Edmontonian’s ready to share their stories for this season but we are struggling with the costs to produce the series.

We have also started negotiating with some of the spaces/building owners to include some of Edmonton's beautiful attractions as backdrops for the interviews. We will be talking to a representative from each space that participates as a part of the episode so they can fill the viewers in on the building’s history, its role in the community, and all the reasons someone should learn more about it or come for a visit! 

We are hoping to raise enough money to create 9-10 episodes for this season, season 2, and include as much amazing Edmonton talent and spaces as possible! With this series we want to document the creativity that is alive in Edmonton right now so that current artists and creatives can benefit from the stories and advice our artists are sharing but also so future artists can see our City and its artwork as we see it now! Any funding about $15k, that amount would fund most of it without signficant volunteer work, would be used to apply to film festivals and have the series screened locally. 

To find out more about Amy and her work, invisible disability, please check out her website at and watch season one. 

This is not just entertainment, this is inspiration and a resource for future artists, new artists and an attempt to change the publics perception towards mental health, invisible disability and how the members of these communities can connect to the larger community through art. 



Type: Print

Vendor: Six Wings by Skrocki Design

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