The Runic Bundle Starter Kit


This bundle includes our own handmade leather rune belt bag, a book on runes and beautiful moonstone like runic stones. 

Rune leather belt bag: 5 x 3.75 x 1.75 inches. 

Book: A Little Bit of Runes : An Introduction to Norse Divination (Hardcover) by Cassandra Eason. From one of the world’s most renowned authors on spirituality comes an accessible introduction to runes.
Nordic runes are the most popular and easiest symbols to work with, and can effectively release energy for a positive purpose in one’s life. Cassandra Eason, a well-known writer on crystals, Wicca, spells, and magic, explains to spiritual seekers exactly what runes are, how to make their own, which ones are right for them, and much more.

Runes: Moonstone like runes - Discover what divinatory messages are waiting to be revealed with these beautifully crafted moonstone runes. Runes help you find the answers to your most pressing questions and unlock the secrets of your life. Using the exquisite synthetic moonstones, convenient carrying bag, and instruction booklet included with this set, you'll be inspired to move confidently toward your goals

Limited to one available. 

How we make our leather pieces: Each item in this series is meticulously hand carved, hand dyed and hand finished. The leather used is an ethically sourced tooling hide that softens in over time. All of the leather used for these items are vegetable tanned and is a byproduct of the food industry. We use a variety of different, hand applied, finishes to both protect and emphasize the leathers natural beauty. Finishes may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following depending on the piece: high quality oils, waxes, gums, and protective coats. Each item is hand buffed once the finishes have set to give it a resilient sheen. * Note: all colours will pick up the natural highlights and lowlights found in the leather. While these variations add a beautiful texture and character to each piece it does not give a solid colour like industrially dyed, heavily chemical dyed, leathers. Also each piece of leather, like wood, is different and has its own characteristics. These are not considered flaws.

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