The winged sun or the winged sun of Thebes hand carved and painted guitar strap

Rock out like its 2500 BC…Tut Style! Appropriately crafted as an offering to Rah himself…but made for you! Hand carved. Hand dyed. Hand painted. Simply owning this original one-of-a-kind may not improve your shredding skills. But it won’t hurt them either. We know you pay attention to every detail, every note, when you play. And thats why we paid attention to every detail on this functional piece of artwork. Add this piece to your gear and let it inspire you...Plus it will make you look awesome! This is the first and only one of these we have made so far.

The History:
The winged sun, from Ancient Egypt, is a associated with divinity, royalty and power in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Persia. On each side of the sun is a stylized, upright form of an Egyptian cobra. This piece was inspired by our trip to Egypt in 2008.

This guitar strap has been hand carved, painted, stained and sealed. This item is fully adjustable from 45' to 58'.

Shipping includes a tracking number, delivery confirmation and insurance up to $100.00. Each item comes with a care card and authentication card.

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