Viking stylistic animal bookmark with your initials in runes.

This custom bookmark with a viking stylized knot work animal is based on one of our photographs from a museum in Copenhagen dedicated to viking artefacts. This bookmark is customized to include your first, middle and last initial in the Norse runic alphabet.

The dye turns out unique every time because of natural imperfections, differences in one piece of leather to the next and variations in thickness. Sometimes the dye will be darker or lighter than pictured so please use the swatch map as more of a guide then it’s exact colour. Also because all computers, tablets, tvs and phone screens are different the colour may slightly be different then the swatch map and may appear lighter or darker than it really is. This bookmark is made in our studio and it may take up to a week for us to make( we allow a day between each process so the bookmark is completely dry) it and send it out.
To choose your colour please look at the last picture and select the colour from the scroll down menu. In the comments section write your first, middle and last initial to be hand stamped into the leather.

The size of this bookmark is 60 x 150 mm.

This item is exclusive to our online stores only.


Type: Bookmark

Vendor: Skrocki Design

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