Crafting a Career in the Arts: The Art of Why Page

Welcome to the Art of Why Page!

Here you will learn a bit about our project and the available items we are using to fund raise to get to our goal of featuring as many artists as possible. 

The first seasons of Crafting a Career in the Arts: Against all Odds, features the stories of invisibly disabled artists, their struggles and pain points, and what needs to be changed to make our community more accessible in the arts. For example, by providing chairs to galleries because not everyone can stand for a full show. I (Amy series creator) also wanted to set out to make the ultimate guidebook for someone who wanted to start making and selling their work because there wasn’t anything like it when I first started. Because of that I also included community supporters who help artists regardless of whether they are able-bodied, their skill level, education level etc. with the hope it will inspire change in some of the less accessible places that share artwork in the city and Western Canada. This series will be out for free on TELUS OPTIK TV ON DEMAND after November 15, 2022 

Series two is in the pre-production planning phase. My second season moves on to more of how artists use art to help with their mental health, disability or to connect to the community. It's more of the reason behind why artists create. With this second season I hope it will help new and old artists find a way to see how they can use art to help with their own mental health or create a sense of belonging in a community. 


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