February 12, 2019


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Youtube Video - Skrocki Design and Lewis Mayhem Collaboration

This fantasy fashion show / gothic theme inspired fashion show was a joint collaboration between us, Skrocki Design (previously called Paragon of Design by Skrocki) and Lewis Mayhem in 2016. All new pieces were created based on an original concept focusing on an ancient family of vampires. The colors selected for the show were symbolically chosen to represent life, death and the transition to the immortal state. All our masks, leather corsets, jewelry, clutches etc. were developed for this show over the course of 6 months, with the longest pieces taking 1 month each to create. The riveted corset from the show can be viewed in the video "How to Set Rivets." About Lewis Mayhem aka Cory Richard-Jones. Lewis Mayhem was founded in 2008 by fashion designer/music promoter, Cory Richard Jones. Heavily influenced by the music scene and alternative club scene, she wanted to create a brand that that provided badass clothing for people who embraced the nightlife. The line initially catered to the music, goth and rave scene but in later years it grew into a festival brand with a heavy tribal and occult influence. Lewis Mayhem - Website: Instagram---- Facebook---- 

January 17, 2019


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YouTube Video- Small Business, Big Orders

Small business, big orders! In this video I take you through how we do large scale custom orders with multiples of each item. I also offer some advice if you are considering approaching businesses or organizations about creating items or even wholesaling items to them for resale. Although this video is about metal or hand made jewelry you can use the time-saving ideas to apply them to many different types of crafts and scale up your craft business.


November 02, 2018


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YouTube Video - Dyeing Leather Part 2 with Water Based Dyes - The finished vegetable tanned leather items

Dyeing Leather Part 2 with Water Based Dyes - The finished vegetable tanned leather items In Part 2, of how to hand dye vegetable tanned leather with water based dyes, Tanner shows the finished items and talks about how the different types and weights of vegetable tanned leather look after being dyed. 

October 25, 2018


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Skull bag orders and customization options

Three orders that were sent out recently with three different customizations! One client wanted a small plate added to their bag with a quote, next was their initials in old English script and the third wanted initials on a small plate attached to the bag.

July 20, 2018


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Our YouTube Channel

We started creating videos on our Youtube channel! You can check it out here!

We will be sharing tutorials, behind the scenes videos, business information and products etc. 


Workshop photos credited to Brenda Lakeman Photography. 

June 30, 2018


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Alberta Branded - At the Legislature Assembly

Canadian themed items for galleries and stores

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My photographs, sets and designs- Pin wheel set.

I recently wrote an article on Bored Panda about the creation of 2 of my photoshoots re-using some of the same elements and showing some of the process photos of creating the shoot. To check out the full article click here. 

Since some of you are already familiar with my work I will just be adding the photos and some brief descriptions! 


The model (Elena Balueva) is wearing fantasy armour made entirely out of leather. It has been hand carved, dyed, sealed and buff to a shine using traditional techniques. The Swarovski beads have been all hand sewn on to the leather. The pinwheels in the background compliment the designs on the mask and corset. The makeup artist (Ashley Skrocki) completed makeup that matched the background.

I designed the backdrop to appear like a large head piece when Elena stood in front of it.

The same pinwheels were used in this photo shoot with hair stylist/ model Karly Vedan. The makeup artist (Ashley Skrocki) incorporated various design elements from the pieces into her work.


This string of paper flowers were all individually hand shaped, arrange, and glue together with a "rivet" on top. 

Tiny flowers were added to the makeup and a paper flower shawl was made for this "scene."

A different view of the paper shawl with some pins I made to match. 


On to some behind the scenes photos, taken with my cell phone, of part of the creation of the pieces the models wore. 

The pinwheels before putting them together for the background. 

Shaping and gluing together the paper flowers

The final paper pieces (the crown I ended up using for a different shoot)

The larger pinwheel with the hand shaped flowers in the centre.

The mask before it was dyed, painted and had all the beads, stones and feathers added. 


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