Shoot in Gilded Magazine January 2016 Edition.

This shoot was based on a short story we wrote :) It's only very roughly edited to show the context and the ideas behind the shoot. I included the scene notes to further describe the items we used as well as the through process behind the shoot. The photographer was the fantastic Breanne Marie Photography.

This photographer was all for the crazy ideas we threw at her and added in some ideas of her own to create a truly unique set of photos. 

The models were, Carra Pischke, Jen Ferguson  and Randy Cusack. With Makeup by Ashley Skrocki Makeup Artistry and hair by Dani White. 



On a cloudless night the stars shone upon a forest through which no light could reach. Pathways once lush and inviting were consumed by branches long and short entwined like lovers against the twilight. Deep within the corridors of winding trees dark secrets aching to be told are disclosed in clandestine meetings by the shadows that keep them. The intones, crisp against empty air, hang in anticipation of the drums beat calling to those who have yet to appear. The circles completion draws nearer and nearer as they amass. Of blood and stone that which must be given is presented in the face of the full moon. Those who assemble beneath its watchful eye gather not for light and though the stars shine, their light is lost amid the branches, and tonight the moon shall turn its back on this forest.


Not far from the gathering there winds a dusty path outstretching its worn fingers through countryside’s and touching the hamlets where those unaware of these nefarious goings on blissfully unwind from the labours’ of the day. But the merriest of all were undoubtedly the traveling companies who setup their temporary quarters at some unexceptional whereabouts along the weaving roadside. Their day had passed in hours of toil hauling belongs, wares, and caravans onwards to a destination only determined upon arrival. When they stopped to await the coming dawn the fires were built against the embers of a slow sinking sun. With the cauldrons bubbling and the fresh game roasting it was song and bottle that beckoned most. But not all would find solace in such illusions and one such young man sought his retreat in the moons mesmerizing face. With little hesitation he blissfully set forth from the comforting nest of his encampment and the fuzzy warmth of friendship, security and ale onto the dusty path.


Along the path he strolled the air was crisp against his face and the silence was unbroken save for even pacing of his own footsteps. Lost in his thoughts on he wandered unaware of the distance he had travelled when a darkened wood consumed his view. The sound of a maiden’s sweet laughter drew the young man from his contemplation and step-by-step he travelled ever deeper into the woods. A glimpse of her cloak, the flash of her hair like smoke stranded against the dark draws him closer still. Her slender hand reaches from the shadows with but one finger out stretched and, as though it were the night itself beckoning, entices him onwards. Each step reveals another piece of her identity. Upon her face a black filigree mask obscures her identity and an intricately detailed ivory cloak with ornate trim wraps around her weaving her to the shadows that hold her. The gold of the ring on her beckoning finger captivates the young man and, as though in an anesthetized trance, he is powerless. So bewitching is her gaze he is oblivious to the rings razor edge against his skin or the body pinned tightly beneath the shroud just steps away. In her other hand she carries a mask with a dark visage and great horns. Those who have gathered in surreptitious amassment remain buried in the shadows but watching carefully the transpiring events. With but one drop of the young mans blood upon the tip of her index finger the transformation has begun. A horned creature, enslaved to that which commands these dark woods, now stands where once an innocent man stood its soulless gaze resting upon the risen goddess. Agape beneath the taunt shroud the mouth seems frozen in time like a marble sarcophagus in a forgotten mausoleum. Yet when the single drop of innocence is passed from bent fingertip a gasp can be heard like rustling leaves caught in the forests throat. Slowly beneath the shroud the body stirs as if reanimated from a state fit for the grave she moves again. There in the forest, behind the back of the moon, where the stars light cannot reach, stands a goddess of ancient will, at one side her noble sacrifice no more than a husk as he is, and at the other a body returned from the grasp of death. And from every shadow there appears another set of horns, another set of deep black eyes peering, their numbers are innumerable filling the night. Like a butterfly emerging from the hollows of the mortuary the shroud slips form her as she rises. In the eyes of the goddess the gold of her adornments shimmer. At her foot there lies a great horned mask its empty eyes starring back at the stars.

 The End


The scene notes show roughly what items the models would be wearing, what the models might be doing. 

Scene one: shows model in cape with filigree mask and Swarovski crystal cuff. Raising one finger to beckon the traveller. Black mask. Large armour ring. The woman is wearing a large skirt. Cape is golden or ivory with black trim. 


Scene two: shows man and woman- no mask on the female model. She is tracing her finger with the ring down the front of he chest. Leaving a small drop of blood. He is holding the demon mask. He is wearing a cape with a large axe pendant.

(Various edits below) Breanne thoughts of smoke bombs, which worked amazingly with the sort of fairy tale shoot. I love the black and white version as well. This reminded me of a old fairy tale that would have been filmed in the 70s. The smoke from the bombs changed so rapidly, with the far right picture making it seem like the smoke is coming from the models hand. 


Scene three: shows the woman now in large mask/with large skull necklace with drop of blood on her finger holding it over to silhouette on the table.  No cape in this image. Cathedral cuffs.

A incredible image by Breanne Marie Photography with fantastic editing. 

Scene four:

The woman on the table has the cloth sucked into her mouth like she is breathing air in. the man in the mask is faintly seen in the background. Large dragon cuffs with onyx. Horned mask, black filigree shoulder armour. Cape with trim. Potentially it is showing her rising from the table with the clothed still draped over her in the back ground there is multiple demon masked wearing men cloak off to show accessories underneath. Skull belt on male model .

Behind the scene shot with Tanner. This even makes it look more like some vintage film. On the right side you see the hair artist Dani White. 

You can see the model Randy transformed. I love the shots Breanne Marie Photography did of Randy. 



Totally surreal shot!!!! 

Picture 5: solo pic of woman. shows the woman from under the blanket wearing the larger Phaedra set (large statement axe set, cuffs, belt, earrings). Shorter stone bodice/corset. There is the mask by her feet. 



the blue smoke only adds to magic of the overall shoot. 

Alternative edit by Breanne Marie Photography. 

To see other photos done by Breanne Marie Photography please check out her website here



Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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