The Book of Revelation and St. John of Patmos in Paragon of Design by Skrocki's Pieces

St. John metal wall art
Wall art based on "The Cave of the Apocalypse" located on a mountain on the Aegean Island of Patmos.
This is believed to mark the spot where John of Patmos received his visions for the Book of the Apocalypse or the Book of Revelation.
copper statement bracelet 
Large copper cuff based on the Crown of
Thorns plant.
copper belt buckle
Belt buckle based on the Crown of
Thorns plant.
st. john belt buckle 
Belt buckle based on "The Cave of the Apocalypse"

A photograph I took at the Muttart Conservatory
in Edmonton of a Crown-of-thorns or
Euphorbia milii plant. I used this image to make
the Crown of Thorn items you see about that
went perfectly with the copper icon above.

The Cave of the Apocalypse entrance.
Mosaic picture above the entrance to the Cave of the Apocalypse.
The mosaic depicts John of the Apocalypse dictating his visions to a scribe.
In the cave there was a spot in the rocks that was heavily worn away.
Apparently this is where John rested his head while receiving the visions.
What we recall best from this site was the overall ambiance of the
experience. We started off by hiking up a narrow dirt road which wound around the
side of the mountain. The heat was excruciating and the sun was so bright
it washed out the details of the day as we ascended. Upon reaching the site,
pictured above, the pleasant fragrance of incense wafted out through the
entrance way. Everything from the colour of the stones, to the specific incense,
to the view from the mountain top added to the religious and special feeling of
this site. It was the combination of these sensations that would later become
the building blocks for our artistic inspiration.

The cuffs are both sold now and we will potentially make new ones in the future.
They are a double anticlastic copper cuff that sits nicely along the wrist.
The wall art that we have left in this series is two 'abstracts' from my photographs of
the Crown of Thorns plant mounted on red mahogany and will be available on the online store in the future. 

Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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