Italian leather books and the photos that inspired them.

As some of you already know many of our images are based on photographs we take on our travels. Here are some of the latest items with the original photos! Both photographs were taken in Denmark. The stylized Viking animal and rune stone alphabet was featured in a previous post that contained custom bookmarks. 

Can you guess which one we were influence by?
Leather bound journal

Italian antiqued leather with stone carved woman on the front. Available in our store.
This is also available in the small size.
Leather bound journal
The pages are environmentally friendly wheat straw paper!
Another book from an image we took at the same place as the stone carved woman's face and head dress of a stone lion head. 
Do you want a small stone lion book to be made for you? Please contact us here. 
Aviking rune Leather bound journal
The book decorated with the runic alphabet! There is a matching book mark in the post below. This item is for sale in our store!
We also have it available in a small size Viking and rune Leather bound journal

The original photo.
The second book is based on a carved face of a woman from one of the most important renaissance castles in Northern Europe; the Kronborg castle in the town of Helsingor, Denmark. Apparently it is known as the castle from Shakespeare's play "Hamlet." We are both fans of Shakespeare and had to make a stop at this awesome castle to see what "Elsinore" was based on. There were many other really unusual carvings that we have turned into different projects based on this location alone and we will feature them in upcoming posts. Including many of our pieces that have wings!
This gorgeous vintage style distressed leather is never the same twice and has that "Restoration Hardware" feel to it.  We designed these books to have that traveler's journal feel that will hopefully inspire you to roll up this book and take it with you no matter where you go. 
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Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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