October happenings and how to care for your leather items

Thank you to all those that came out to our shows in September! It means so much to us to receive local support! It’s great to catch up with all of you and to make new friends!


Are you ready for the Christmas season?

Christmas is just a few months away, with this in mind we are taking custom orders for Christmas! If you want a custom journal, guitar strap, jewelry, cufflinks, wallet etc now is the time to place your order to ensure it is completed and arrives on time. A custom order can be as simple as adding someones initials or logo to an item!

Our fashion show last month was amazing! For anyone that wants to see many of the items created 
our look book is on our website!
The look book is available for download in PDF format under the menu heading "look book" on our website.  We are working on several blog posts about the fashion show, developing the items and behind the scenes photos. Below is one of the models in our dragon corset, medieval style horns and copper horned dragon mask. 


Model: Listah

Make up: Ashley Skrocki

Photographer: Simply Captured

Upcoming shows!!!!

The Banff show is a new show for us and runs in conjunction with the opening weekend of the Banff Film and Book Festival (October 31-November 1)

Art Market- Calgary Telus Convention Center (November 19-22)

Make It Edmonton- Northlands (November 26-29)


We have been asked numerous times on how to care for the leather items you may have purchased previously! Below are some easy tips on caring for your leather.

Tips on taking care of your hand crafted leather items

  • Masks can be stored or hung in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid heat. It can cause the leather to eventually crack.  
  • If the mask or leather item becomes dusty or dirty wipe with a soft cloth. A mask can be brushed with a dry soft brush to remove dust.
  • Avoid solvents or commercial leather cleaners these can remove part of the finish or discolor the leather.
  • Using and handling the carved journals will cause the leather to soften nicely over time. Depending on how often you use it depends on how fast the leather will soften.
  • Keeping masks out of the rain or water will prevent them from losing their shape.


Have you seen anything on our Facebook group or blog that is not listed on our store? Contact us and we will see if we have it in stock!!


Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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