"Hidden in the Pine Trees" - The Sparrow Journal

A drawing made into a journal of a sparrow hidden in the pine trees. The sparrow is beautiful and sweet hidden and the trees are Lodgepole Pine.  

The robin also represents finding joy in the little things in life.  

This book is only available as a 9 x 6 at this moment. 
• Size: 9x6  Inches
• Leather: Vegetable Tanned - hand dyed
• Paper: Blank Acid Free Wheat Straw (21lb)
• Page Count: 6 signatures -  360 pages - double sided. 
• Binding: Classic Medieval: can be re-bound when full

How we make our pieces: 
Each book in this series is meticulously hand carved or etched, hand dyed, hand finished and hand bound. Each image carved onto these books is an original created from our inspirations, which include: fantasy, travelling to ancient ruins, history and mythology. Some of these books are also hand painted with special leather paints and overlays. The leather used is an ethically sourced tooling hide that softens in over time. All of the leather used for these books is vegetable tanned and is a byproduct of the food industry. The acid free wheat straw pages are great for: writing, drawing, sketching, pen, pencil, etc. The classic bind used on these books gives an elegant old-world finish and allows the user or local book-binding clubs to easily rebind the book with any type of paper. The dyes used are an environmentally friendly water based dye which leaves a rich hand-finished touch on each book bringing out the unique highlights, grains, and character of each piece of leather*. We use a variety of different, hand applied, finishes to both protect and emphasize the leathers natural beauty. Finishes may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following depending on the piece: high quality oils, waxes, gums, and protective coats. Each book is hand buffed once the finishes have set to give it a resilient sheen. 

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