Mushrooms nested in Burr Oak leaves under a Pine Tree forest green leather journal

Forest Green Leather Journal with Mushrooms Nestling a Pine Tree in the Leaves. Forest green notebook

This is based on one of Amy's drawings and turned into a leather "print" by us in our leather studio. Sometimes mushrooms are through to symbolize longevity, good health and transformation.

- Size Available as a 9x6 or 5x7 inch journal.

• Leather: Tanned with Vegetables and tree barks this leather is environmentally friendly and is ethically sourced as a byproduct of the food industry. This leather softens wonderfully with time and use

• Paper: 24 lb sustainable acid free paper lets you capture your amazing ideas and precious memories with pen or pencil

• Page Count: 160 writing / drawing surfaces (double sided=160) to capture your ideas and memories as you go! Lined paper available under options drop down.

• Binding: easy to follow Classic Medieval style that you can re-bind (refill)

• Colour: Hand dyed and available in smokey grey, tan and forest green.

How we make our pieces:
Each book in this series is etched with our own hand drawn artwork. Each image etched onto these books is an original created from our inspirations, which include: fantasy, travelling to ancient ruins, history and mythology. Made from supple, vegetable tanned leather the books in this series come in either large or small sizes. This leather is ethically sourced as a byproduct of the food industry. The acid free wheat straw pages are great for: writing, drawing, sketching, pen, pencil, etc. The classic bind used on these books gives an elegant old-world finish and allows the user or local book-binding clubs to easily rebind the book with any type of paper.

* Note: The distressed, vintage style, leather is never the same twice. The antiquing process is done by hand and will have different variations in the antiqued pattern while maintaining the same consistent high quality. Every book has it's own unique characteristics making each an individual experience. These variations add a beautiful texture and character to each piece. Also each piece of leather, like wood, is different and has its own characteristics. These are not considered flaws and this type of process is for people who live rustic, individual journals. Only one antiqued color is available at this time. Some of the antiquing dye may be on the inside suede of the journal, we feel this adds to the rustic nature of this journal.

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