I will be announcing the winner of the small journal on Facebook on May 4th!

Hello everyone! I will be announcing the winner of the small journal on Facebook on May 4th! To enter all you had to do is sign up for the newsletter, open the email and you are entered!

We are doing the Edmonton Tattoo and Arts Festival this weekend (May 1-3) and we have a couple free tickets left to anyone that wants them! Just email or Facebook us saying you want the tickets and they are yours. This is a new show for us and although we don’t really have any tattoos we really appreciate the art and skill that goes into them. Some of Canada’s top tattoo artists will be there to show and sell their work even on canvases and prints. Along with these artists there are many of the more edgy artists and artisans you may have seen around Canada that will be selling and showing their new work.

There are a couple new items that we will try to put on our store in May after the show.
Featured below is a Tree of Life tote with Celtic knot work on the back. This custom dyed tote is hand stitched, engraved, dyed and painted with a custom blend of colour to achieve the beautiful red toned brown. 

 Handmade tree of life leather tote handmade leather carved tote tree


I also did a matching Tree of Life wristlet/clutch for those that like to travel light.


handmade tree of life clutch

Click here to view the tree of life clutch.

Since it is spring our feature mask for this post is our Green Man mask (which symbolizes the growth and rebirth of spring). We had seen numerous Green Men throughout Scotland one of the more famous ones being from Rosslyn Chapel. We based this mask on several of the men we encountered while travelling and we will be posting a blog with some of the pictures in the near future. Some of you may have noticed there are not too many masks listed on our store or website. It's because they often sell within the first couple hours or days of a show so we either A) don't remake them and take a picture or B) take a quick shot with our cell phones for reference only. However we intend to have more online soon for you to check out.

handmade green man leather mask  


Another item that goes really well with this collection is our Tree of Life Shield pendant n pure copper. 

Other tree of life items can be viewed here. 

handmade tree of life shield pendant

Our next item we are giving away will be a small leather mask sometime in late September in time for Halloween. One of our questions we always get at the booth is: what can you do with a mask? Well, to those that are collectors of historical (tribal masks, warrior masks, theatrical masks) and artists made masks (from Venice, Cirque Du Soleil, local artists etc) we know that the first thing that comes to mind is to display them as 3d pieces of art! Other uses include performers (actors & actresses, street performers, dancers, stilt walkers etc), costumes (comic cons, cos play, Halloween, masquerades etc) and festivals (burning man, Shambhala, Mardi Gras etc). With a list like that there is really no place you can’t wear a mask… well maybe not to a bank.

Some of our other leather masks can be viewed here

Thank you for your interest in our work and signing up for our newsletter. We are looking forward to continue to share all our new items with you!

Amy & Tanner Skrocki

P.S. Thank you again to all of those that came to see us at the Calgary Comic Expo. We had a awesome time seeing you all again! Our other shows can be viewed here. 


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Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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