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We have several announcements for this newsletter we would like to share with you.

First we would like to share a new show for us near our hometown of Edmonton Alberta. It’s this weekend (May 30-31) in St. Albert and called the Eek Fest! It’s a comic and pop culture show that is quite a bit smaller than the Calgary Comic Expo, but it has some really unique events (board game competitions etc).

Our second big announcement is that we are offering free shipping with the code “freeship” to anywhere in Canada and the continental United States until June 2. We are offering this because we finally finished our new website, added tons of new items and we think it looks pretty awesome! After this code expires we will be making coupon available if you sign up to our newsletter. Our item of the month, the red dragon shield pendant, (of June) also includes a free 18” cord so you can wear your new pendant immediately. Every month we are going to have an item of the month which includes something with purchase. 

handmade dragon pendant

 Click here to check out our dragon shield pendant. 

Shop for other dragon items.  To see more of our dragon blog click here. 

Our third announcement for this newsletter is that we are now accepting custom orders on select items (this is exempt of the free shipping offer). We started accepting custom orders this month and already have a handful of really unique items we are working on and have completed. Some of the items we will be accepting as custom are books, book covers, midori or traveller’s journals for size 11 x 8.5 paper, bracers, wallets, card cases, book marks, guitar straps, corset belts, wood earring designs and some metal work depending on the image wanted.
Below is a book cover, created by us, for one of the largest “Lord of the Rings” volumes we have ever seen! For this book cover the client wanted this to be a life long keepsake for her son whom was graduating from university.  We were both really touched and grateful for the thanks we received from the client and her son.
Her son wrote us and said “just thought I'd let you guys know that you killed it with this! I love your other work (I've bought a journal for my girlfriend before), but I have to say that this has got to be one of your coolest pieces. I'm very proud to say that it is mine. Thank you so much for your effort on it.”
In a separate email the client sent us “though I don't have any pictures because I was watching my son's face as he opened his book you should know that the book was everything he wanted.  He was so pleased, he just kept looking at it, although he was a little embarrassed of the "Precious" quote from me he did say that some day he would probably read that and cry (which I took for a good sign).  Thank you for this special memory in our lives.”

For this custom book cover we wanted to make a cover that had an adventurer’s feel or ancient tome feel. We layered several coats of dye, with the final coat being a reddish-brown colour to bring out any marbling in the leather. The red dragon copper shield that sits over the closure was custom coloured to highlight the red in the leather. The whole book cover and straps were made from vegetable tanned leather and hand sewn with a saddle stitched together. 

We included a free bookmark, made from the scrap leather left over from doing the interior flaps, with the same dragon that is on the copper shield. The quote and initials are what the customer requested and we used up any dye we had left over for the project!

handmade leather cook cover

Do you want a custom leather order? Please contact us here.  

Our last announcement is; we are working on remaking some of the guitar straps and making a series of scarf pulls. We know that if you wear scarves throughout the year it is difficult to keep them in place and wear a pendant that is noticeable with it. This item is really a two in one item that keeps the scarf from moving and acts like a pendant. Plus it looks amazing and adds a pop of colour to solid coloured scarfs and adds an elegance touch with the metal work to multicoloured scarves. 

We are working on more and of course may have others available at shows. If you to know what we are making or have in stock please contact us and we will get back to you or if you want to know what we will have for scarf ties at a upcoming show please comment or email us and we will try to post what is in stock.

 Our guitar straps are featured on our new website please feel free to have a look if you are interested! 

A quick note on our guitar straps is that we make them so they are adjustable. That way one size fits most. If you have any questions please contact us about shortest or longest size that it can be extended to.



handmade metal scarf pull


Click here to check out this scarf tie.  

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For those of you in or near Edmonton we will be returning for select dates at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market. We will keep you posted of the dates and any other small shows we are doing. 

This is a great Farmer’s market and one of the biggest ones in Western Canada. It also has a large amount of artisans and artists at the market. It’s one of our favourites to do out of all the markets we have done because a) we sort of live close by and b) it draws A LOT of people and tourists from all over the world.

Amy Skrocki
Amy Skrocki


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