Byzantine inspired leather mask in black and gold.

The incense hangs lightly in the air around you. A single windows light breaks the darkness. As you turn the corner you come face to face with artifact of unknown age or origin. All else fades as you fixate upon it. From the shadows risen. The gold's enchantment has only just begun. The blackened visage seems to be watching knowingly as you proceed. Your journey was long and arduous...but this is the payoff. Your imagination spins out scenarios and images of grandeur...a masked ball where your mystique is the talk of the party. A display of such power none whom you reveal it to came believe what they have seen. This is the experience we have strove to accomplish with this beautiful mask. Created to resemble the halo from a byzantine icon you may well expect to find this mask nestled amid the shrines of a cave monastery. Its two layers were carefully hand carved, hand sculpted and hand painted.

The hand painted gold part of the mask is done with a special blend of Liquitex acrylic paint. This is a work of art that can be worn or displayed as an art piece on your wall or mask stand.

Our masks are very comfortable to wear as they are bought by actors, models for photo shoots, performers, masquerades, burning man and other festivals.

the height of this mask is 13 inches x 15.75 inches.

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